Mindfuture Gaming Update: January 2022

Earlier this week, we revealed the brand new name and visual identity of Mindfuture. A sleek new look and feel for the all-service advertising agency, specialising in the esports and gaming market. But while all that changes, one thing stays the same: Our commitment to giving our clients the best service on the market.

Throughout December and the festive season, our team was busy working on two separate facets of the business. Finalising our rebranding project, and ensuring that our key clients were set up for success at the start of 2022.

On the rebrand, in-house designer Nick Montano took the helm and created an entirely new visual identity for the company. The hot pink of “Mindfuture World” took a backseat to dark blue and white for a new clean feel. The pink hasn’t disappeared entirely, of course, and still acts as a nod to our foundations and prior history.

The transformation from Mindfuture WORLD to Mindfuture Gaming

Community Manager, Molly Moore, built out the social media strategy for this new launch and ensured that we looked the part on all the key platforms. Meanwhile, the creative and design team worked in tandem to get our new website (the one you’re reading this on right now…) ready to launch. All of this, with guidance from CEO Filip, and COO Monika.

On the other side of the business, our brand new Campaign Director, Aaron Peskett, was diving into the fray to make sure all of our campaigns were set up for success in January. Working side-by-side with Alex Ilczuk – head of the influencer management team – they put together a dream team of content creators to head up our crucial January Huel campaign.

January is a key month for Huel – One of our longest-standing clients. The Huel product is designed to help those who want to get in shape, and the month of “New year, new me” is their biggest on the calendar.

In our 14th month of working with Huel, we’re running promotions for them across the U.S, UK, and Poland this January. The campaign has revitalised creative looking to hammer home the message that Huel is a key tool in helping anyone achieve their fitness goals. 

Along with the new in-stream creative, our creative team was busy at the tail end of last year designing a brand new custom landing page for Huel to better connect with the gaming and esports audience. The new page features imagery of gaming content creators using Huel and adjusts the messaging to better suit the audience visiting from those gaming channels. Utilising the new creative messaging “Food For Gamers”, we are keen to ensure that gamers and esports fans identify and appreciate Huel as a product suited to their needs, and with big benefits to them.

A section of the custom landing page we designed in collaboration with Huel
Facebook Streamer NitroLukeDX is featured on the page as part of the promotion

We have also collaborated with Huel to give discount codes to some of the key content creators on the campaign. Furthering the connection between brand and audience, and offering a further incentive for viewers to give Huel a try and find out for themselves how it can benefit them.

Alongside Huel, we’ve also activated our campaign with IOGear – the innovative technology that allows gamers to play their favourite mobile games using a mouse and keyboard set up. This campaign is going ahead with a focus on the U.S market.

Despite not being able to work in close proximity to our colleagues just yet, the incredible team at Mindfuture continues to operate at top performance in a remote environment. Our staff – full-time, part-time, and project contractors – ensure that we continue to thrive as a business during these difficult circumstances.

To both our clients and the content creators we work with, we are looking forward to continuing these great collaborations in 2022.

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