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MG Influencer Marketing Platform

Mindfuture Gaming platform is all -in -one influencer marketing platform that enables to drive quality traffic to your website, ecommerce site or a landing page with no hustle. It is simple and straightforward. Mindfuture´s account manager is taking care of management of the whole process.

Mindfuture Platform

Our managed platform serve ads in non-intrusive way on live streaming channels to millions of  viewers globally. The platform is data driven, where we provide real-time data with the focus on KPIs. All data from Influencer  marketing campaign in one place.



If you and your brand are looking to take your investment to the next level, we make sure you invest in a team, player, influencer, or event which will give you a return of investment. Using our expertise in the industry, Mindfuture full service agency  will manage the whole process to make sure you have the best deal.

Platform features

The features of the platform allow to connect content creators of different sizes globally and the brands on the other site. MG finds and  matches influencers that are suitable for the business sector, products, etc to make sure they will perform well on the campaign.
We create, execute and manage campaigns from the top till the bottom of the funnel. Our quality traffic that comes to your website is filtered through anti-fraud and geo settings. Brand safety is key to us.

The platform offers a dashboard with real time data that allows our performance team to optimise the campaign results according to the KPIs.

To sum up, if you are looking to automate your global campaign, keep track of all traffic, conversion, and have everything in one place, contact us and set your first test campaign. Mindfuture Gaming  platform handles all  the international payments to the content creators globally.

The platform has been trusted by :
Coca Cola, Huel, HyperX, TotalAv, Aeropostale, KFC, Razer, Steelseries and more!


  • Recruit and manage all content creators 
  • Drive quality traffic to your website
  • Handle international payments to creators globally
  • Measure results, track your ROI and optimise performance
  • Anti-fraud system in place
Passion is what drives us

Deliver esports and gaming ad campaigns that will engage younger audiences.