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Offline Gaming Event and Online Esports Tournaments Marketing

Mindfuture Gaming works with the best Esports and gaming live events organisations around the world. We believe in the power of an immersive gaming experience where the community comes to life. The best events combine professional esports tournaments, amateur and varsity gaming tournaments, world-famous bring-your-own-computer LAN party, cosplay championships, art, activities, expo and live entertainment.

Offline Event Marketing

Mindfuture offers the best sponsorship opportunities for the brands and content creators. Our previous experience from sports marketing and outdoor advertising allows us to be more creative and create fan zones that engage the audience on site of the event. SIM racing, VIP zones, family activity zones enable your brand  to drive traffic to your event booth or zone.
In our sponsorship packages we tailor solutions to the budgets.

Below please see of list of the best events for this year to become a sponsor:



If you and your brand are looking to take your investment to the next level, we make sure you invest in a team, player, influencer, or event which will give you a return of investment. Using our expertise in the industry, Mindfuture full service agency  will manage the whole process to make sure you have the best deal.

Benefits of Esports live events

Live Esports events provide the opportunity to connect with fans, business partners, clients and potential clients. 

Gaming tournaments are one of the fastest growing events that allow companies such as Nintendo and Sony to reach a broader audience. Offering opportunities for both live streaming and offline activations allows you to maximize your potential audience. The popularity of influencers and professional gamers continues to grow, fans have the opportunity to meet with their favourite pro players and watch them live.

According to Eventbrite, more that 48 million gamers participate in esports in US and Western Europe alone- and over a quarter of those players participate in live events too.

To sum up, taking your contest into the real world brings even more benefits not only to your brand but to the audience.

Passion is what drives us

Deliver esports and gaming ad campaigns that will engage younger audiences.