Published On: 13 July 2018, updated on 01.01.2020  

Mindfuture World Ltd has adopted these privacy principles for the website located at  This Privacy Policy applies only to the website on which it appears, and not to any other website or service.  This Privacy Policy also provides information about activities we undertake across Internet websites on behalf of  Mindfuture World Ltd clients.  

Access to and use of this site and the information contained on it is strictly subject to these terms and conditions  and privacy policy below. No other conditions shall apply and if you do not wish to be bound by them, please leave  the site now. If you have any queries regarding this site please contact us at:  

Mindfuture World Ltd’s site has been put together to comply with Law of England and Wales and is hosted in EU.  All visits to the site and any dispute arising out of the site shall be governed by Law of England and Wales.  

No permission to copy, reproduce, modify or download the site or any part of it is given and in particular nothing  on this site may be reproduced for use in any publication or distributed for any purpose without the prior written  permission of Mindfuture World Ltd.  

Where this site is hypertext linked to any site operated by any third party, we accept no responsibility or liability  arising in respect of any content on such site nor shall their presence be deemed to be a recommendation of such  site by Mindfuture World Ltd.  

All trademarks, graphics, logos, text and design used on this site belong to Mindfuture World Ltd or our licensors.  All rights relating to such trademarks, logos, copyright, know-how and any other intellectual property rights are  reserved to Mindfuture World Ltd or its licensors.  

Any information on this site is up-to-date at the time it is posted but is subject to subsequent variation, without  notice. Your continued use of the site following such change shall be deemed to be your acceptance of such  change.  

Mindfuture World Ltd is firmly committed to protecting the privacy of Internet users and fostering user confidence  in the Internet, Internet advertising and direct marketing. Accordingly, we are committed to observing applicable  industry guidelines including those established jointly by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. We continually  evaluate innovative ways to protect online user privacy while also seeking to deliver relevant advertising and  custom online experiences on behalf of our clients. Mindfuture World Ltd provides services for its clients such as  media planning, marketing communications, campaign execution, research, paid placement and search engine  optimization, branded entertainment as well as sports sponsorships (“Services”).  

The purpose of this privacy policy is to provide clear notice about the user information we may collect online in  connection with our Services and on our own website.  

The next few sections below describe how we collect user information in connection with the operation of our  Services for our clients, such as through advertisements that may appear on various websites on the Internet.  Therefore, certain information collection by Mindfuture World Ltd through the use of cookies used in the Services,  as described below, may occur on numerous websites across the Internet.  

Information We Collect Through our Services  

We do not collect personally identifiable information (“PII”) from users online through advertisements we manage  on behalf of our clients unless users affirmatively and deliberately choose to release that information by submitting  it, in a text field for example. PII generally refers to identifying information such as an individual’s name, mailing  address, phone number or e-mail address. 

Non-Personal Information Collected by our Services  

We do collect non-personally identifiable information (“Non-PII) to identify computers that we have interacted  with before. For instance, by using Non-PII, we may be able to identify a computer that has previously seen an  advertisement we launched on behalf of a client. In the context of Non-PII, whenever we refer to ‘you’ or ‘yours,’  please remember that we may be referring to a computer and not an identifiable person since we generally do not  know who is using a computer at any particular time.  

Through the collection and use of Non-PII, we offer a range of Services to allow advertisers to show you the most  useful and relevant online advertisements across numerous websites and to prevent excessive or repeated deliveries  of the same advertisements. For example, if we think that a user is interested in apparel options, then our Services  may help our clients deliver interest-based online advertisements to you about a particular type of apparel.  

We may collect Non-PII regarding your web browsing, usage or interactions with advertisements we manage on  behalf of our clients. We do this to better customize the sort of advertisements you see on various websites and for  other purposes such as research and analysis. Non-PII may include information such as the type of Internet browser  used by an online user, the type of computer operating system used, the computer’s Internet protocol (“IP”) address,  the domain name of the websites visited before and after viewing an advertisement, as well as information related  to websites and web pages a user is viewing when an advertisement is shown.  

We collect Non-PII through the use of cookies, pixels and related technologies. A cookie is a file on your browser  that uniquely identifies your browser and computer. A pixel is a line of code which is used by a website or third  party t to assign online activities to a computer or browser. The use of a pixel allows websites and us to record, for  example, that a user has visited a particular web page. Additional Non-PII from an earlier period or interaction may  be included in the pixel. Though Non-PII does not personally identify anyone, we are still committed to giving  users the opportunity to exercise choice about the Non-PII we collect.  

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties  

We do not collect PII via our client’s advertisements, and therefore, we do not sell, rent, or share PII collected on  our or other websites to non-affiliated third parties. If you affirmatively and deliberately provide PII via one of our  client’s advertisements who was identified to you at the time of collection, then that PII will be provided to such  client, and such PII shall be subject to that client’s privacy policy.  

We may disclose Non-PII collected through our Services, and information derived from it, to our clients and  vendors. This Non-PII may be used by our clients to deliver tailored ads to users on participating websites and for  other purposes as described above. This information does not include any PII that can be used to contact or identify  any person individually. Further, we encourage our clients, as applicable, to use any Non-PII they receive in  compliance with applicable laws and regulations and to publish privacy policies that tell you about how the  information they are gathering is being used. We urge you to always read the privacy policies of the websites you  visit to understand issues relating to your online privacy.  

We may disclose a user’s Non-PII to third parties when we reasonably believe we are obligated to do so by law,  and in order to investigate, prevent, or take action regarding suspected or actual prohibited activities, including, but  not limited to, fraud and situations involving potential threats to the physical safety of any person. In addition and  if permitted by applicable law, we may also disclose and provide access to a user’s PII and Non-PII to our vendors  and contractors who are performing services on our behalf. However, such vendors and contractors are not  permitted to use such user information for any purpose other than providing services to us.  

User Choice – Opting Out of Receiving Cookies  

We use technology, which includes cookies, in the delivery of our Services. We believe that the use of these tools  enables us and our advertiser clients to provide users with a more meaningful web experience. 

At all times, you may adjust your computer’s web browser settings to refuse all cookies. However, by doing so, you  may not be able to use certain features on the websites you visit or take full advantage of all the website offerings  and interest-based advertising. You can remove cookies by following directions provided in your Internet browser’s  “help” file.  

You may also choose to opt out of us (Mindfuture World Ltd) collecting Non-PII in connection with the  advertisements we manage on behalf of our clients. Of course, doing this means that you would no longer receive  customized advertisements delivered through our Mindfuture World Ltd proprietary technology.  

Cookie Opt-out  

Despite opting-out of our customized advertisements by following the process above, you may still receive tailored  advertisements as a result of Non-PII collected (using cookies) by other parties not affiliated with, or controlled by  us. To opt-out of non-PII collection for tailored online advertising from numerous other providers, you can visit the  website of the Network Advertising Initiative to learn more and to make choices accordingly.  

Our opt-out cookies are programmed to expire 10 years after they are initially issued. However, if you buy a new  computer, upgrade or change web browsers or take any action, which results in the deletion of this “opt out”  cookie, you will need to perform this opt-out process again. In order for the opt-out to work, your browser must be  set to accept third party cookies.  

Data Retention  

We may use our anonymous cookie information for advertising purposes for up to 13 months. Aggregate reports  generated from this information may be kept longer.  

Information Security  

We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect against the unauthorized access to, retention of, and  disclosure of information. This includes undertaking necessary physical, electronic, and management activities  required to protect information integrity, access, and use. Any information that is stored on our server is treated as  confidential information. Please keep in mind, however, that despite these reasonable efforts to protect information  on our servers, no method of transmission over the Internet is guaranteed to be secure. Therefore, while we strive  to protect your information at all times, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.  

Change to this Privacy Policy  

Please note that because of the changing nature of privacy laws, user needs, and our business, we may modify this  Privacy Policy from time to time by providing advance notice on our website before implementing such  modifications. Accordingly, since we want to help you clearly understand our Privacy Policy, and any pertinent  revisions, we encourage you to review our Privacy Policy periodically to become aware of any changes that may  have occurred.  

Information We Collect Through Your Correspondence on this Website  

If you provide us information through our “contact us” link on this website, sign up to receive our marketing emails  or newsletters, submit information in connection with an employment inquiry, expressly enter information into a  text field or otherwise submit information to us, we will keep a record of the information you provide including  your email address and any other PII you provide solely for the purpose of responding to your inquiry or to provide  you with requested marketing materials or newsletters. Except as set forth in this Privacy Policy, this information  will never be shared with third parties without your consent. Mindfuture World Ltd may pass your PII to our  subsidiaries and affiliated companies so that they may contact you in connection with the objective of your inquiry. 

Where we pass your PII to our subsidiary or affiliated companies in another country, we will make sure that they  apply the same level of protection to your information as we do. We may also disclose your information to third  parties in the event of suspected fraud, legal requirement or in connection with our vendors and contractors, all as  described above.  

Mindfuture World Ltd may use cookies to tailor your experience on our website (this website) and to help provide  a better service to you. You may opt out of cookies used on our websites through the instructions provided above.  

If you would like us to remove your information from our marketing e-mails or newsletters, please contact us on  

Children’s Privacy  

We are sensitive to the issue of children’s privacy. Therefore, our website and Services are neither developed for,  nor directed at, children. If you believe your child has provided us with PII, and you would like to have the  information removed, please contact us.  

Linking to Other Websites  

A link from our own website to another website does not imply our endorsement of that website. We do not control  the websites to which we link and assume no responsibility for their content or privacy policies. Therefore, you  should carefully review the privacy policies that apply to any websites you access from our website.  

Transfer of Data upon Change of Control  

In the event that another company acquires all or substantially all of the assets of our business through a  consolidation, merger, asset purchase, or other transaction, we reserve the right to transfer all information  (including any PII a user may have provided through the “contact us” page) that is in our possession or under our  control to such acquiring party.  

Data Storage – United Kingdom, Germany, Poland  

Our website and databases are maintained in the United Kingdom and Germany. By using the website or our  Services, you freely and specifically give us your consent to collect and store, your information in the United  Kingdom, Germany, Poland and to use your information as specified within this Privacy Policy. Questions or  Comments about this Privacy Policy  

If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should contact us through email or by mail.  

Any information or advice given on this site is meant for guidance purposes only and is not meant to be relied upon  as statements or presentations of fact. While we have taken every reasonable precaution and care in compiling this  site, we do not make any representations or warranties of any kind (express or implied) as to the accuracy or  content of any information given and the owners of this site will not be responsible for any manifest errors.  Mindfuture World Ltd do not warrant that your use of this site will be uninterrupted or error free.  

Your use of this site and the materials contained in it are done so entirely at your own risk. Mindfuture World Ltd  do not accept any liability for losses or damages, whether direct or indirect, that you may suffer as a result of your  use of this site or your reliance upon the contents of this site, including but not limited to system failure, access  delays or interruption, computer viruses, breaches of security or unauthorized use of the system arising from  “hacking” or otherwise.  

This site is made available on the basis that all liability whatsoever for any loss or damage arising out of or in  connection with your use of this site, or reliance upon the contents of this site, is excluded by Mindfuture World Ltd to the fullest extent permitted by law. 


The terms and conditions apply to all sales orders and are integral part of the Order form, which is known as the  Contract. The Contract is binding and non cancellable at any time. The Customer and the Executor (Mindfuture  World Ltd) knows as Parties agree to accept and following terms and conditions by signing the Order form.  

Mindfuture World Ltd obliges to provide services as specified and the Customer should pay in full and on time  according to the Order. The executor begins to provide promotional services to the Customer not earlier than he  receives the Approval from the Customer on the informational and marketing materials, named in the Contract.  

Payment terms  

The cost and terms of services are determined in the Order form. All of the prices are exclusive of any taxes. The  payment for the services shall be received based on the Order form Usually within 7 days after the Order is signed  and accepted. The payment shall be received in euro currency to the bank account held by the Mindfuture World Ltd  

The date of the payment is when the funds have entered in euro account of the Executor’s bank. If the payment is  delayed by the Customer, the chargé fee applies as of 0,1% of the amount unpaid for each and every day until the  full amount is settled and the default interest. If the Customer does not pay the full amount as agreed on the Order  form, the Executor shall not perform the services and the amount paid by the Customer, which is seen as a breach  of the contract, this shall be treated as a fee for the breach of the contract.  

In the event of non delivery by the Executor for the order placed by the Customer at first place, the Executor will  only compensate the amount actually paid by the Customer in the form of a barter -other marketing campaign  valued at the same price shall be offered to the Customer. The Executor does not offer a refund of money to the  Customer.  


Discounted prices are offered only on the basis or either, Last minute’ or, First minute’ offer, which means that the  full prepayment is required by the Executor within 7 days after the Order is received. If the payment is not received  by the Executor, the original price will apply to the Order and the Executor has the right to request the full  payment from the Customer based on the invoice raised by the Executor.  

PDF Presentation 

In the PDF presentations sent to prospect, photos of the LED screens are examples only. Photos are either done on  past events executed by Mindfuture World Ltd or by its partners.  

Details about sizes and specifications of the LED screens used on specific event are available on request. Request  can be sent via e-mail to: Size of the screens mentioned in the presentations may very on  the actual event. Mindfuture World Ltd can change the size of the LED Mega Vision screen any time.  

Responsibility of the Parties  

There is no cancellation possible at any time and the full payment is required by the Executor. Mindfuture World Ltd shall provide the report in the electronic form with the photos from the delivered services as per Contract and  the Client shall accept the report as a final report. In the event that the services have been provided according to  this Contract, the Client has to approve the Final report within five (5) working days after its delivery. In the event  that the Client will not approve or reject the Final report within five (5) working days after its delivery it shall be  presumed that the Final report has been approved. All claims shall be submitted by the Parties only in written form.  Disputes and disagreements which could arise at the execution of the Contract shall be resolved whenever possible  by negotiations between the Parties. If the agreement is not reached by the Parties, it is agreed by the Parties that 

the Arbitration court in London shall be approached.  

Force majeure  

The event of force majeure is defined as unforeseeable extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the Parties’  reasonable control which could not be prevented by reasonable diligence e.g. war and military actions, revolts,  strikes, acts of nature, etc. Neither party shall be liable to the other party for non-performance or delay in  performance of any of its obligations under this Contract due to force majeure. However, upon the occurrence of  such force majeure condition, the affected party shall notify the other party with as much details as possible. As  soon as the cause is the affected Party shall comply with their obligations. In the case of impossibility of services  performance arising at the Customer’s fault, the Customer shall compensate all expenses, actually incurred by the  Executor. The Executor has the right to refuse performance of the present Contract on condition of total  compensation of losses to the Client.  

Anti bribery  

Each Party confirms that it understands the importance of anti-bribery laws and will comply and procure that its  employees comply with all relevant anti-bribery laws. For the purposes of this Contract “bribery” includes, but is  not limited to, the promising or granting of or the requesting or receiving of benefits in money or money’s worth to  a person with the aim of influencing that person in order to obtain business improperly or gain an improper  advantage. Each Party agrees to keep proper accounting records (approvals, invoices etc.) of payments and  financial transactions. Each Party confirms that, in relation to this Contract, any act of bribery (as defined above) or  any breach of national, EU, or other relevant anti-bribery laws, as well as any serious breach of the above  obligation to keep proper accounting records, will be considered as a serious breach of this Contract, entitling the  other Party to terminate the Contract and/or claim compensation and/or such other remedies as are available to it.  


Each party undertakes to the other to keep confidential all information (written or oral) concerning the business and  affairs of the other which it has obtained or received as a result of discussions leading up to entry into this Contract,  or which it has obtained during the course of the Contract, except any information that is: a) Subject to an  obligation to disclose under law, or that is required to be disclosed by any competent regulatory authority, by  notice or otherwise; b) Already in its possession other than as a result of a breach of this clause; or c) In the public  domain other than as a result of a breach of this clause. Each party undertakes to the other to take all steps that are  necessary from time to time to ensure compliance with the provisions of this clause by its employees, agents and  subcontractors.  


The Contract operates from the date of signing the Order form by the Parties and shall be valid till the complete  fulfillment of it by the Parties. All changes and additions to this Contract should be made in writing and should be  signed by the Parties. The Parties recognized that conditions of present Contract are legally binding for the both  parties. Violation of any point of the present Contract involves responsibility of the broken party.