February Esports and Gaming Industry Report

March 5, 2021

The stock market continues to be a driving force, Game-Dev giants Blizzard hosted their yearly event – Blizzcon – completely online for the first time, and Toronto gets serious about esports. Catch it all in this month’s esports and gaming industry report.

Team Liquid | IMC

In a month of stock market madness that saw gaming retailer GME enjoy a stock price rise of 300% or so, Team Liquid has partnered with IMC to continue bringing trading to the masses.

IMC is a trading firm and market maker, and the company has joined forces with Team Liquid to better connect with the “online-first” audience. 

The partnership is centered around community event activations, including the Liquid Hacks – A hackathon event in which IMC will provide judges and prize pool funding. On top of that, IMC will be integrated into the Team Liquid StarLeague, along with Team Liquid supporting IMC’s “Room to Read” Platform.


Blizzcon is a yearly event hosted by gaming behemoths Activision-Blizzard. This ‘Con’ usually takes place in Anaheim, and acts as a sort of “Mecca” for fans of their titles – such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. Unfortunately, COVID forced the company to cancel their live showing, and instead take the whole thing online…for BlizzConline.

Despite not being able to interact with a crowd, Blizzard still put on a strong showing. Paying homage to their 30-year history in a touching opening montage. The company went on to discuss the future of flagship title, World of Warcraft. The world’s biggest MMO is getting another big patch in the coming months, but in even bigger news, World of Warcraft Classic is expanding to include ‘The Burning Crusade’ in 2021 (originally released in 2007!)

The company also announced A Diablo 4 update, along with a 2021 remaster of Diablo 3 – which will be available on PC, Switch, and all major home consoles. Overall, an exciting event, only slightly tainted by the lack of audience – which you can’t blame Blizzard for!

Toronto Esports Arena

Toronto is stepping up it’s esports game in 2021. As news comes out that OverActive Media – the parent company of Toronto Defiant, Toronto Ultra, and MAD Lions – intends to build a 7,000 seater esports venue in Canada’s Capital.

The project is planned for completion in 2025, so we won’t be seeing it any time soon, but the facility looks like quite the concept. The venue is planned to include a hotel complex alongside the “theatre-style entertainment venue”. The design is being lead by Populous, the same company that worked on Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium.

The cost of the project looks set to be roughly $500m, a rather steep investment. OverActive Media believes that the new venue will only serve to help their vision of turning Toronto into a leading destination for esports and gaming.

Mindfuture launches Vodafone Campaign

In news closer to home, Mindfuture has partnered with mobile phone giants Vodafone to launch a campaign in the MENA region.

Vodafone is looking to promote their latest partnership with Riot Games surrounding League of Legends: Wild Rift. In which customers can play the mobile game without using up any of their data.

The campaign officially launches in April and will predominantly feature Turkish creators – which comes off the back of an extremely successful Mindfuture collaboration with Coca-Cola in the same region.

The Breakdown

Here at Mindfuture, we’re on top of all of the latest developments in the streaming industry. We work with streamers across all platforms, and have the data to know where your brand fits best.

Our network of streamers and influencers ensures that we can target the exact demographic that your brand is looking for – and for the streamers out there who aren’t working with us yet, there is still an opportunity to get involved.