Case study

Sennhesier | Europe

The campaign

Elite gaming peripheral company Sennheiser approached Mindfuture with the aim of promoting their brand new products, the GSP 370, and the GSP 670 – The elite gaming headsets created in partnership with EPOS.

Using the Fluuid platform, we created a brand campaign that spanned 11 different markets: Australia, New Zealand, The U.S, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, and The Netherlands.

Operating in so many territories simultaneously resulted in almost 100 content creators working on the campaign in total. Average viewers per stream varied drastically, from 100 or less, to almost 10,000. There was no one major creator on the campaign, instead, all of the creators involved played their part.


Ad views







Qualified clicks


After hitting initial targets, Sennheiser decided to run another campaign with us, this time focusing on a key market in France.

Throughout this campaign, we saw a Click-Through-Rate of 6%, along with over 10,000 in-market clicks, and 200,000 ad views in just under two weeks.